ScanTech has built itself up from a small business to an international company offering a range of services for troubleshooting processes at refineries and plants as well as offshore platforms. Our reach is now global, with teams operating on 6 continents!

We are proud to add another international partnership to our company with Venezuelan company Sonotest. They have been in business for quite some time, and we are a perfect match. They are looking to expand even further, and we have just what they need to do so.

A little about Sonotest

One of the largest and most successful Venezuelan process non-destructive testing companies, Sonotest was founded in Ciudad Ojeda, Venezuela in 1990. With two and half decades of experience, they have expanded to 6 offices throughout the nation and have even joined the CANSPEC organization. They are an established company that offers some of the best services anywhere in South America.

Sonotest’s partnership with Scantech

Since ScanTech is a company that prides itself on hard work and getting the job done right the first time, we only deal with companies that are built in the same vein as us. Sonotest is a well-established company that is hard at work trying to expand their services. We already offer many of the services they are looking to expand into, and with our wealth of experience our partnership is a perfect match.

Expanded services from Sonotest

Because we are the experts in our field, Sonotest gave us the honor of being chosen over all other companies to provide them with the services they need. Now that they are working with ScanTech, they can offer pipe scans, gamma scans, and FMD services with their locally available equipment.

ScanTech operates around the world, and when we find a company that works as hard as we do, we always take notice. Our international partnership with Sonotest now gives them the ability to provide top-quality services with locally available equipment. Our mission is to provide great diagnostic services no matter where it is on the globe.