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CAT Scans from ScanTech: A Deeper Look Into Your Vessels

Using computed tomography to achieve enhanced visualization is one of our core services here at ScanTech. Once a location is determined, we can provide a deeper look into your vessel to help identify what is happening on the inside. By using our advanced technology to perform CAT scans, we can peer deep into your equipment [...]

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How Pipe Scans Work

Process issues are detrimental to the operations of any company that deals with transporting gas across large stretches of pipeline. That’s why ScantTech offers services to help examine piping in depth to detect and confirm issues. Pipe scans are one of our core services, and allow the evaluation of above-ground pipes to be examined for [...]

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Gamma Scanning and Its Uses in The Oil Industry

Gamma scanning involves the use of gamma radiation to identify issues and problems in oil refining equipment and technology. This reliable and quick technique is used to evaluate the operations taking place inside trayed or packed oil refining towers. Gamma scanning non-intrusively measures the process fluid characteristics inside the tower in a short period of [...]

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