Computed Tomography (CT) Scanning Services

Enhanced visualization through the use of computed tomography is offered with ScanTech’s CAT Scan service. This CAT scan procedure provides a 2-Dimensional view through 360 degrees of the vessel at a specific height or location. The final output is a coloured density map of the area inside the vessel or pipe.

Fan_Beam_DensityThe CAT Scan is a specialized service that may be used to provide additional information to the Gamma Scan on a packed tower or to check for annular maldistribution. Locations for the CAT Scan are chosen based on the results of the Gamma Scan tests.

When used on piping it is possible to view density differences if different liquids and gases are experienceing laminar flow in the pipe or If the overall density changes In 2-phase flow. It can also display any deposit regime on the inside of the piping at that location.

CAT Scanning Procedure

CatScanThe CAT Scan is performed by mounting an array of detectors at a specific elevation on the exterior of the vessel. A gamma ray source is mounted on the opposite side of the vessel to the detectors. The density reading is taken at each detector in this position.

The source and detector network is then rotated through a specified angle before taking another density reading. This is repeated until the equipment has rotated through 360 degrees on the vessel.

The CAT Scan data is processed using our custom software package to obtain a 2D density image inside the vessel. If additional CAT Scans are required the equipment may be moved to the next elevation and the process repeated.

The resolution available in the density map is dependent on the number of samples taken during the CAT scan procedure.

Equipment We Monitor

Jaret in BRScanTech provides the specialized computed axial tomography scan service to assist our customers with the following:

  • packed tower maldistribution
  • solid and liquid identification in pipelines
  • FCCU riser catalyst distribution
  • profiling tower internals – distibutors, demisters, trays


Tower PackingScanTech provides the specialized CAT Scan service to assist our customers with the following:

  • Access at scan height
  • Access around vessel
  • Small to Large diameter
  • Internals or packing
  • Vessels and Piping
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