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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Announcing Our New International Partnership with Sonotest

ScanTech has built itself up from a small business to an international company offering a range of services for troubleshooting processes at refineries and plants as well as offshore platforms. Our reach is now global, with teams operating on 6 continents! We are proud to add another international partnership to our company with Venezuelan company [...]

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Flexibility, Adaptability, and Convenience: ScanTech has the Right Equipment for the Job

In this industry, we are constantly on the go. One day it’s a platform off the coast of Canada, the next it could be a rig somewhere in the Middle East or other far flung destination. That’s just the nature of the industry. Being constantly prepared and able to adapt to whatever the situation demands [...]

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Gamma Scans for Auxiliary Vessels: Winning the Numbers Game

How we diagnose issues in your smaller vessels quickly and conveniently Gamma scanning is used across multiple industries as a non-intrusive way of discovering the contents of closed vessels. In our industry, it is necessary to find a method that not only helps reveal what is happening inside of a vessel, but can do it [...]

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