Gamma Scans

ScanTech’s Gamma Scanning service is a quick and reliable technique for evaluating the operating characteristics inside trayed or packed towers. Gamma Scans are used for measuring the process fluid characteristics inside the vessel, non-intrusively, in real time.

The Gamma Scan provides valuable information that cannot be obtained through any other method. This technique is classified as a primary investigation tool in tower diagnostics and troubleshooting due to the quality and quantity of information obtained. The information from a Gamma Scan is used by the operator to determine problems, schedule resources and make informed decisions.

Trayed Towers

ScanTech’s Gamma Scan is effective at determining damaged trays, flooding, foaming, entrainment, weeping and liquid heights in trayed towers. The density and the characteristics of the scan profile are used to non-invasively understand the vessel operation.

Packed Towers

When scanning packed towers the Gamma Scan can show fouled packing, liquid maldistribution, crushed or shifted packing and internals damage. ScanTech also offers our CAT Scan service to more closely examine a specific area of the tower.

Stationary Time Monitoring

The Gamma Scan equipment may be used for stationary monitoring of towers over time to determine foaming rates, flood points and other hydraulic features.

Baseline tower scans may be used to monitor the performance of the tower hydraulics or packing performance with time.

The Gamma Scan service has been used on towers from a 5 feet to over 300 feet tall. ScanTech has successfully scanned towers more than 30 feet in diameter with various tray and downcomer configurations.

The Gamma Scan requires little to no preparation by the operator as the technique will work through insulation and cladding material. All we need is access to the top of the vessel through existing platforms or a crane.

Our Commitment

Rigging inScanTech continuously makes improvements in our equipment and procedures to provide our customers with the best results available. ScanTech has the most advanced equipment available including:

  • integrated electronic ultra-low voltage detectors
  • wireless detectors
  • instant access to Gamma Scan results
  • maximum portability
  • automated scanning options
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