It can be difficult to inspect and clean oil and gas platform jacket members that are submerged more than 150 feet underwater using conventional methods. Some of the inconveniences and dangers involved with inspecting underwater piping using regular methods include:

  • Marine life that can grow on underwater members that can be difficult and time-consuming to clean before member inspection.
  • The safety of personnel diving into the water to inspect members.
  • The expenses associated with trained divers, up-to-date diving equipment and a well-painting diving vessel.

That’s why Flooded Member Detection (FMD) utilizes gamma ray technology to detect these underwater structures for cracks, leaks and other potential damages. Our innovative FMD system is mounted on a remote operated vehicle (ROV) and plunged into the water. Once submerged, the FMD system uses a radiation reading to discover whether or not the member is dry or wet, which can tell you instantly if there’s a leak or danger of one developing in the near future. There are many advantages to the use of such technology, including the following:

  • It’s more cost-effective than sending divers underwater to inspect for damage.
  • It’s more accurate than more traditional methods of underwater member detection.
  • FMD devices can detect with certainty whether a underwater member is dry or wet within a few seconds of positioning.
  • Cleaning of the member surface is not required, saving you time, money and manpower.
  • The totally mechanized FMD system with ROV device eliminates any risk to human life during member inspection.

Protecting the health and safety of workers and keeping all the pipelines working smoothly and effectively are the top priorities for any underwater extraction process. Get the detailed and accurate platform jacket member inspection you need with the Flooded Member Detection system from ScanTech. Our trained and experienced professionals will execute a quick and efficient FMD inspection so you can get back to work knowing that your members are safe and prepared for use. For more information about our FMD system or any other our other services, contact us today.