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Minimizing the Costs of Tower Gamma Scanning

Every service comes with a cost.  Deciding to perform the service should be achieved through a cost to benefit analysis – “Do the benefits outweigh the costs?” Gamma Scanning is a specialized service primarily to the oil and gas industry.  It is not something most plants use every day, maybe not even every month, but [...]

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The True Cost of Process Tower Problems

Plant engineers face nearly continuous issues with their trayed and packed towers to one degree or another. The impact on the operation determines the priority of getting this problem solved. The problem severity may be measured in throughput, lowered product specification, manpower or time; but ultimately the impact will be measured in dollars. If an [...]

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Practical Advice for Planning a Plant Shutdown

Gamma Scanning should be discussed as a serious consideration in any pre-shutdown planning for oil and gas plants with distillation towers. When shutting down your plant, or even part of it, you want to minimize your downtime, your costs and the accumulation of lost production when not operating.  Gamma Scanning on your trayed and packed [...]

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The Advantages of Flooded Member Detection

It can be difficult to inspect and clean oil and gas platform jacket members that are submerged more than 150 feet underwater using conventional methods. Some of the inconveniences and dangers involved with inspecting underwater piping using regular methods include: Marine life that can grow on underwater members that can be difficult and time-consuming to [...]

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Where Gas Comes From and How Trayed Towers Work

While Canada’s 30+ million vehicles go around the country’s 1+ million kilometres of roads, few think about where gas actually comes from. The truth is that gasoline doesn’t exist naturally, and getting it from crude oil is a painstaking process involving delicate care, chemical brilliance, and a bit of elbow grease - and that’s all [...]

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The Complex Process of Oil Refining – And How ScanTech Fits In

The multitude of skillsets involved in bringing an oil drilling project to life are as varied as the oceans and terrains that rigs operate on. From exploration and initial drilling to extraction all the way to retailers, here are just a few of the necessary steps involved in the process: Locating and proving oil sources [...]

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Low Oil & Gas Prices Mean Scanning Services Are More Valuable

The American government released information saying that low oil and gas prices put more than $100 billion dollars back into the pockets of drivers last year alone. Low prices at the pump are a welcome sign for North Americans--we drive more than anyone. But just because prices are so low doesn’t mean that everything is [...]

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Flexibility, Adaptability, and Convenience: ScanTech has the Right Equipment for the Job

In this industry, we are constantly on the go. One day it’s a platform off the coast of Canada, the next it could be a rig somewhere in the Middle East or other far flung destination. That’s just the nature of the industry. Being constantly prepared and able to adapt to whatever the situation demands [...]

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ScanTech News:

New brochures are available for our services. Follow the link under the Forms tab to access the Brochures page and download the PDF version today. Look through our website for more examples of our specialized techniques at work Imagine the ability to quickly visualize the internal content of subsea pipelines and structures. This technology is [...]

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