How we diagnose issues in your smaller vessels quickly and conveniently

Gamma scanning is used across multiple industries as a non-intrusive way of discovering the contents of closed vessels. In our industry, it is necessary to find a method that not only helps reveal what is happening inside of a vessel, but can do it while the vessel is online without having to open it. Although gamma scans are used on packed and trayed towers, we also use them on auxiliary vessels. Our ability to scan several in a day at an affordable rate helps your business save time and money.

How does ScanTech use them on auxiliary vessels?

The gamma rays are so powerful that they can pierce the shell of the vessel and allow us to see what is inside. It’s a lot like the technology that you see in X-ray inspections, both medical and industrial, except that we are counting the gamma rays that pass through the vessel, not developing film. When it comes to auxiliary vessels, we normally scan separators and knock out drums. Our specialty is scanning separators and knock out drums in large numbers over the same day.

What can they help determine?

We usually scan auxiliary vessels in batches before shutdown planning or as a diagnostic tool for troubleshooting. Gamma scans can be used to determine a number of problems. The most common are:

  • Flooding
  • Damaged demisters
  • Location of vane packs
  • Liquid levels

It is possible to tell exactly what is wrong without having to open your vessel up. The advantages here are being able to avoid the costly process of opening your auxiliary vessels and finding out that this long and costly process was not necessary, and scanning several smaller vessels together at the same time, which ends up saving you a lot of money in the end. With us on site, we can get all of the information to you quickly and accurately.

ScanTech uses only the most advanced technology and when it comes to your auxiliary vessels, you know that it’s a numbers game. With gamma scans from Scantech for your auxiliary vessels, you can get several vessels done at once and get accurate test results immediately.  We save you time and save you money, so you can concentrate on your business.