Exciting advances in science have given us unprecedented abilities to peer inside trays, towers, and tanks to obtain readings without disturbing the equipment. Neutron backscatter technology from ScanTech can help you determine a number of important readings quickly and conveniently. Our NuScan technology was developed in-house, and we now offer it to our clients around the world. Here is how it works and how it helps you.

Neutron backscatter basics

Companies that use equipment such as tanks, pipes, trays, and other solid equipment that is heavily insulated or difficult to open, still need to obtain readings in regards to things such as levels, blockages, or deposit heights. Since opening the tank or other vessel is not an option, another method is needed. Neutron backscatters utilize atomic reflection to determine these readings through the walls of the equipment.

Using our NuScan technology, we emit neutrons into your vessel which create waves that are reflected back to us and read with an electronic detection device. These scattered waves are a reflection of the contents, and we can create an accurate reading that is quantified into charts and graphs for your viewing.

The benefits of neutron backscattering

The major benefits of NuScan technology is that it is a non-invasive technique that can quickly and accurately read a number of different and vital aspects of the content of your vessels. For example, we can use NuScan technology to see:

  • Storage tank sludge and inventory levels
  • Liquid heights on trays and in downcomers
  • Sand or deposit height in separators
  • Calibrate existing level gauges

And much more. We can even extend the reach of our readers so that we don’t require any of your scaffolding or ladders.

The ScanTech advantage

We are an international company that prides itself on customer service. We have become one of the world leaders in our industry, and operate both above and below water on 6 continents. We have put ourselves above the competition by developing our NuScan technology in-house. What you get is a service that is 100% unique to our company.

Our major advantage in the industry is our use of advanced technologies to seamlessly provide non-invasive readings for your equipment such as trays, towers, and tanks. With neutron backscattering, we can help you determine a number of different readings, all without any inconvenience to you. ScanTech’s NuScan technology is just one of our great services. Visit us today to learn more.