Process issues are detrimental to the operations of any company that deals with transporting gas across large stretches of pipeline. That’s why ScantTech offers services to help examine piping in depth to detect and confirm issues. Pipe scans are one of our core services, and allow the evaluation of above-ground pipes to be examined for blockages and deposits.

What are they used for?

Above-ground pipes can become susceptible to blockages or deposits. Over time, these deposits can grow and begin to cause serious process issues. At ScanTech, we specialize in treating:

  • flare headers
  • slug catchers
  • vent liners
  • subsea pipelines

… And more. We have the ability to rapidly evaluate your equipment and ensure that your processes move forward undeterred.

How do they work?

The principles of pipe scanning are very similar to that of gamma scans. We use technology to focus in on certain areas of the pipes and determine the location of deposits by examining differences in density. By doing this we can determine the density, thickness, and volume of the obstruction in a non-intrusive way. Our adjustable and lightweight equipment is mounted to the outside of the pipe and slowly moves along to record the density of the pipe.

The ScanTech Advantage

ScanTech is a Canadian process diagnostics company that offers high-quality services including gamma scans, pipe scans, and flooded member detection. With operation in Canada and across the world, we strive to bring rapid solutions to our customers across the globe. We can quickly mobilize our team to make it to your facility and help solve your issues.

If your business is dependent on above-ground pipe infrastructure, then you can’t allow obstruction or blockages to disrupt your services. Pipe scans are the quickest, safest, and most efficient ways of detecting buildup. Contact ScanTech today, and we’ll get out to your site as fast as possible.