Our customers deal with a long list of specialized issues that are unique to their industries, that’s why we offer services optimized for their processes that will help keep things running as efficiently as possible. One of our core, non-invasive services are gamma scans. They offer insight that cannot be obtained otherwise. In this blog we will cover what gamma scans are and why they matter to your refinery, plant, or complex.

What does one involve?

By using specialized equipment that utilizes gamma radiation, we can peer deep into your tower to get at the minute details that other processes will miss. Our scans are the quickest, most convenient, and safest way of figuring out what is wrong with your tower and what can be done to fix it. That is why this service is considered a primary diagnostic tool. It provides the most information as quickly as possible.

What do they help determine?

One of our scans will help you determine the severity of a range of issues, including:

  • The location of damages- If you suspect damage in your trayed or packed tower, then a gamma scan is the best way to determine where it is located and how to go about fixing it.
  • Flooding- We can help you locate the cause of flooding, its extent, and the cause of it as well.
  • Operating issues- we can help you determine the severity of issues such as entrainment, weeping, or foaming.
  • Packed tower damages- If you have a packed tower, then a scan can reveal fouled packing or liquid maldistribution.

All of these problems can be diagnosed with a Gamma Scan and many more. Our non-invasive, non-destructive procedures can help you determine quickly and easily if there are issues in your tower that need further attention.

What do you need to do?

We can perform a scan with little assistance from you. The technique works through insulation and other materials so all we will need is access to the top of the vessel. You won’t have to worry. ScanTech has successfully completed scans on a wide range of different towers with varying degrees of diameter.

A trayed or packed tower is going to provide a number of potential challenges to the operator, and when there is damage inside, it is important to know immediately. You will have to determine the extent, severity, nature, and location of certain issues before it is too late. That is why we offer safe, efficient, and quick gamma scans to refineries, plants and complexes. Contact us today to find out more.