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Which Problems Can Gamma Scans Detect?

ScanTech uses gamma ray technology to detect a wide range of issues in packed trays, towers, and other equipment. By using this technology to peer inside of the mechanisms, we can gain insight into the nature of the issues inside without having to use invasive methods. There are a number of problems that can lead [...]

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What is Neutron Backscatter Technology?

Exciting advances in science have given us unprecedented abilities to peer inside trays, towers, and tanks to obtain readings without disturbing the equipment. Neutron backscatter technology from ScanTech can help you determine a number of important readings quickly and conveniently. Our NuScan technology was developed in-house, and we now offer it to our clients around [...]

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Common Misconceptions about Gamma Scans

Gamma scans are a powerful tool that we use to evaluate the operating characteristics inside of trayed or packed towers. This primary investigative tool in diagnostics obtains valuable information that cannot be obtained in any other way. Gamma scans are used to non-intrusively detect blockages and other issues inside of your equipment in real time, [...]

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CAT Scans from ScanTech: A Deeper Look Into Your Vessels

Using computed tomography to achieve enhanced visualization is one of our core services here at ScanTech. Once a location is determined, we can provide a deeper look into your vessel to help identify what is happening on the inside. By using our advanced technology to perform CAT scans, we can peer deep into your equipment [...]

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How Pipe Scans Work

Process issues are detrimental to the operations of any company that deals with transporting gas across large stretches of pipeline. That’s why ScantTech offers services to help examine piping in depth to detect and confirm issues. Pipe scans are one of our core services, and allow the evaluation of above-ground pipes to be examined for [...]

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Gamma Scanning and Its Uses in The Oil Industry

Gamma scanning involves the use of gamma radiation to identify issues and problems in oil refining equipment and technology. This reliable and quick technique is used to evaluate the operations taking place inside trayed or packed oil refining towers. Gamma scanning non-intrusively measures the process fluid characteristics inside the tower in a short period of [...]

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Flooded Member Detection 101

Offshore platforms that drill for oil and gas are supported by a series of tubular members located under water that act almost as the scaffolding that keeps the platform afloat. As the components age and are subject to more pressure and wear and tear, there becomes a high probability that they will crack. Although they [...]

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What are Gamma Scans and why do they Matter?

Our customers deal with a long list of specialized issues that are unique to their industries, that’s why we offer services optimized for their processes that will help keep things running as efficiently as possible. One of our core, non-invasive services are gamma scans. They offer insight that cannot be obtained otherwise. In this blog [...]

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ScanTech News:

New brochures are available for our services. Follow the link under the Forms tab to access the Brochures page and download the PDF version today. Look through our website for more examples of our specialized techniques at work Imagine the ability to quickly visualize the internal content of subsea pipelines and structures. This technology is [...]

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