Company Core Services

ScanTech provides solutions in process diagnostics to our customers – globally.

ScanTech’s non-invasive services are used to optimize and troubleshoot processes in refineries, chemical complexes and gas plants as well as at offshore platforms and pipelines. Our reach is global with teams operating on 6 continents.

Our core services include

All of ScanTech’s services including gamma scans, neutron backscatter and flooded member detection are external to your vessels or piping and are performed while your system is operating without any effects from our equipment. Our services are typically used on trayed towers, packed towers, reactors, separators, piping, storage tanks and support platforms. We facilitate work at onshore plants as well as offshore platforms, FPSOs and even on subsea piping.

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We can quickly mobilize a team to your facility to provide you with real time solutions. Our personnel are available to discuss how our services may be applied to your situation. If you have questions; we have answers.

Our services are established technologies which are safe, quick and cost effective when compared to our competitors, alternative techniques or shutting down your production.