Gamma scanning involves the use of gamma radiation to identify issues and problems in oil refining equipment and technology. This reliable and quick technique is used to evaluate the operations taking place inside trayed or packed oil refining towers. Gamma scanning non-intrusively measures the process fluid characteristics inside the tower in a short period of time, ensuring that no delays take place.

The Advantages of Gamma Scanning for the Oil Industry

Gamma scanning has been widely acclaimed as one of the most effective and non-invasive methods for determining and understanding issues related to the oil industry because:

  • It provides more valuable and detailed information than any other scanning technique.
  • It is the key quality and quantity investigative tool for diagnosing and troubleshooting issues related to oil refining towers.
  • Information gathered from a gamma scan helps to establish issues and plan fixes.

A gamma scan can be used effectively to identify damage in trayed oil refining towers, including:

  • Low levels of liquids due to light damage.
  • No tray liquid.
  • Missing trays that may have fallen down a tower.
  • Some damaged tray pieces fall on other damaged trays to form tray debris.
  • Flooding, foaming and entrainment inside trays.

When And How Does Tray Tower Damage Occur?

More often than not, damage occurs when the towers start up, thanks to a surge in pressure in the buildup process. But damage can also occur while the tower is operating. This could be because of incorrect installation at the time of the start-up. Damage usually takes place at the bottom, but it may occur at the top in some cases. In rare circumstances, the middle of the tower gets damaged. Most damage occurs to individual trays, but an unfortunate scenario will result in damage to the entire oil refining tower.

If the bottom tray gets lost in the process, the liquid seal is impacted. This will cause the vapour to pass through the tray and into the downcomer, causing the tower to get flooded. This is because the liquid is unable to flow downward and will get backed up to the trays.

Trust Gamma Scanning To Identify Real-Time Problems

ScanTech’s gamma scanning service is an ideal solution for identifying these types of damages, and helping to establish repairs and replacements when necessary. This reduces closure time and optimizes operating costs, making it a vital inspection component in today’s oil industry.